Synergy of construction industry exhibitions
CTT Expo, CTO Expo, COMVEX, and Logistika Expo comprise a quartet of exhibitions under a single corporate entity. While some have a longstanding presence in the market, others are relatively new entrants. The overarching goal of the branding initiative was to forge a cohesive visual identity that unites all four brands.

The primary color palette for all four brands revolves around shades of grey, white, and black. These colors serve as the foundation for text and photography editing, dominating the visual landscape. Additionally, each exhibition maintains its distinctive accent color, a historical choice that adds a unique touch.

The comprehensive branding project spanned approximately a year, a meticulous endeavor where the design team, in tandem with the marketing team, progressively introduced new visuals across various domains. This collaborative effort ensured a systematic and phased implementation.

Beyond this initial project, our collaboration with the client has extended to several additional design initiatives. Currently, we maintain an ongoing commitment to design support, fostering an enduring partnership characterized by creativity, innovation, and sustained collaboration.
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